7 Tips for a Perfect Barbecue Party

Barbecue Party

BBQ parties are the best family occasions that do not need prior notice.

One can set up a BBQ patio in the backyard and enjoy fresh grilled appetizers every day. It can become your go-to session whenever you are resting together with your family or want to invite your friends over. Summer is the best time to host BBQ parties. These tips will help you host your own evening with hot steaks and ribs.

Here are our top ten.

Use the tools

Barbecue Party

The better you can use the tools during your barbecue session, the more you will be able to enjoy them. Learn about the BBQ tools like tongs, temperature probe, grinder for sauces, grilling basket, etc. Once you know about the tools, you can start creating your own recipes with different styles.

Prepare yourself

You need to arrange all the items for the BBQ the night before the occasion. You need to know what you will cook, their recipes, clean utilities, freshly chopped vegetables, and meat, and most importantly yourself. You need to be ready to cook for everyone and also receive feedback about your cooking.

Barbecue Party

Marinate the meat

Use a recipe for BBQ and spend time preparing your marinated pieces of meat. An overnight marinating is recommended. However, you can use quick marination recipes to prepare in just an hour. Not all meats need a pre-marinating step. Also, do not forget to shake off excess marination from meat before grilling.

Pick your charcoal

Barbecue Party

It is important that you use good-quality charcoal to make your grilled food smokey and burnt well. While lump charcoal can burn for an hour with fast lighting, the briquette is a slow burner with a constant temperature and can last for 3-4 hours.

Cooking method

There is a list of direct and indirect grilling recipes. You can cook in different styles based on how you cut your meat, fish, and sausages. When you are cooking meat at high temperatures, place the meat around the heat source instead of over it. It will make your grill act like an oven.

Test the meat

Once you start cooking for multiple people, you may lose track of time. It will make it difficult to tell whether the meat is cooked well or not. Cut into the meat to check if the juices run clear. You can use a quality temperature probe to check the temperature of the meat easily.

Rest the meat

Not everyone likes it smokey hot. Let the meat or fish rest for a few minutes before you start serving it. It will allow the meat to absorb the juices and become even more tender. Some people like keeping the meat on a foil above the heat to keep it hot. It also keeps the meat away from direct heat to prevent burning.

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