Mistakes That Ruin the BBQ


BBQ sessions are only successful when you cook your food to the perfection that everybody loves eating. BBQ sessions are a perfect activity for a cloudy summer day while the kids and adults can spend their holiday relaxing and trying out different styles of grilled meat recipes. However, BBQ sessions require preparation and attention. Even the smallest mistakes can spoil your experience if you do not follow the instructions methodically. Here are some common mistakes people need to avoid during the BBQ sessions.

Too much heat

You do not want a burning hot grill to start your BBQ. Instead, you need a grill that is just getting ready. Divide the coal in the grill into two parts and lay them in even distribution. Use one side for heavy grilling and the order for a slow burn. It will give you time to pay attention to the food without getting them burnt instantly. You can place the cooked food on the slow burn side to stay hot and release the juices.


Using fridge-cold meat

Do not attempt to cool frozen food instantly on the grill. Cooking cold meat will take double the time it takes for a regular piece of meat to cook. It will consume more of your fuel and time. Keep the meat out of the fridge for at least half an hour to make it good for cooking. It will prevent it from being burnt on the outside and cold on the inside.

Using lighter fluid


Avoid using lighter fluid in your BBQ sessions if you do not want your burgers to smell like gasoline. Lighter fluid can instantly heat your coals and get the flames going. However, it will also create unnecessary smoke that will die out quickly. Instead, you can wait for the coals to heat up and have natural grilling.

Not waiting for the coal

If you want a calculated and perfected grilling experience, you need to wait until the coal gets grey and glowing. If you are impatient in this step, you will face problems like odd flavors, unpredictable cooking times, inconsistent heating. The layer of grey will ensure that the coals have reached their peak temperatures and are ready to be used.


Poking the meat

If you are one of those who believe poking the meat every time will make it better, you need to change the way you have been grilling. You must stop the urge to poke the meat. Even though it does not do much damage to the meat, it is not the best way to check the meat. Use a digital probe thermometer to check the core temperatures. One poker is more than enough. If you are stabbing the meat every 5 minutes, you will create a disastrous presentation that will not go into anyone’s food blog.

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