Barbecue and Grilling: Here is What You Need to Know

Barbeque & Grilling

Just imagine yourself sitting across a beach in summer along with the cool breeze during the night. What do your taste buds expect?! BARBEQUE AND GRILL!

Are Barbeque and Grilling the same?

Barbeque and Grilling are the main elements of the summer, where people in their backyards get together and cook their dinner using fire and smoke.

Barbeque is a slow process where low heat prepares the meat to get them good and tender. Usually, charcoal and wood are used to heat the source. Different wood releases different smoky flavors that the meat would absorb.
The grill is a bit different from the barbeque, and grilling is cooking the food fast and hot. Hamburgers, seafood, and hot dogs are great for grilling. Vegetables and some fruits are also grilled to make the food even tastier.
The main difference is that Barbeque uses the heat through a transfer of hot air, whereas during grilling, the meat’s fat hits the burning coals, which brings the required flavor into it.

Barbeque & Grilling

Can Vegetarians try BBQ and Grill too?

Definitely yes, vegetarians can try bbq and grill by just replacing meat with vegetables and some fruits. Paneer would be the best replacement for the meat as the texture is almost similar to that of meat. As vegetables are also used in making non-vegetarian bbq and grill, it tastes similar and gives the same flavor and crisps.

Barbeque & Grilling

What does SMOKING refer to in BBQ and Grill?

Smoking refers to cooking, flavoring, and browning the barbeque by flaunting it to the smoke, preferably from the wood. Though there are many modern methods to cook food, the traditional way of using wood can never get outdated. Appletree wood, Maple tree wood, Oaktree wood, and Cherry wood are some types of wood people prefer during cooking, contributing to the roasted flavors due to their preservatives.

Barbeque & Grilling

Basic etiquette while barbecuing and grilling:

Though it looks easy to grill the food, we need to look at the food now and then. This is because the taste differs by the time it is grilled. So, to get the food tastier, taking the grilled food at the right time helps a lot. A little late burns the food, but a little early might make the meat taste raw.

Using different combinations for the bbq gives extra satisfaction unless the right ingredients are added to it. However, when it comes to grilling, the simple is the best. Some believe that adding ice cubes in the center and covering it with the meat keeps the burger juicy and doesn’t dry it out.

Barbeque & Grilling

BBQ-ing and grilling are cooked together by the whole family, and it considers everyone’s contribution. It is a fun activity to do with family, and it also builds a good environment.

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